About Donia Séréna

Donia Séréna is an oriental dancer of Tunisian and Algerian origins specialised in folklores and fire performances.

She is an award winning performer : 1rst Place Bellydancer of the World Folklore 2018, 2nd Place Benelux Championships category raqs sharki 2019 (Dutch international bellydance championships), 2nd Place Orientalicious festival category raqs sharki, 3rd Place Bellydancer of the World Folklore 2017 and so on…

Donia Serena has studied bellydance and its history with the greatest teachers in the world : Dr. Prof. Hassan Khalil ; Mahdy Emara ; Tato Martirossian ; Sadie Marquardt ; Serkan Tutar ; Aleksei Ryaboshapka ; Darina Konstantinova , Gennaro Festa, Shahrzad ; Jilina ; Muunique Neith ; Ebru Beker ; Leyla Jouvana Roland and many more to fulfil her craving for knowledge.

She is the founder of the Arts and Culture Center of the Arabic World and the Middle East, in The Hague, where you can follow her bellydance classes as well as take a variety of other courses such as  Arabic language, History of Folklore, darbuka and cooking. It is also possible to host workshops, parties, shows etc.